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The "Wojhati" or Journey Planner is an electronic system that enables the public transport riders to set the right way to travel through real-time and accurate information to determine the most accessible transport mode according to the rider's location, destination and trip time.
If you are already registered on the RTA Portal, you need to Login to Access My Journeys.

My Journeys

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What is "My Journeys"?

In "My Journeys" you can define and store your favorite settings, most frequent journeys, or a preferred stop, landmark, etc. This makes using the Wojhati faster and easier, you just can select your favorites and plan a journey with this information. In "My Journeys" you can use the "Travel Alert". We will send you an SMS or email informing you of any delays on a specific service or stop that you can define.

The following features are available on “My Journeys” as soon as you login:

  • Registration
  • My Locations and My Journeys
  • Recent Locations and Journeys
  • Global Settings
  • Travel Alert